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Gay Husbands Say the Darndest Things

Gay Husbands Say the Darndest Things is a compilation of writings by Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed., the international counseling specialist for straight/gay marriages and 50 women from her support network in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The biggest problem facing women who unknowingly marry gay/bisexual men is the lack of a confession by their husbands. To keep their homosexuality a secret, gay men who marry straight women will blame the problems of the marriage on their wives even though it is caused by their own frustration of being stuck in a marriage to a woman. They would rather point the finger of blame at their wives instead of telling the truth about their homosexuality.

Kaye's goal for this book is to alert women who are at the beginning of their discovery or recovery journey to read what others were told by their husbands before the truth was learned. The women who contributed the material went through the same doubts when they were "gay lighted" by their husbands for years with stories that were genuinely convincing. Kaye also explains why gay men who are hiding in straight-gay marriages remain there and sometimes even remarry another woman after the divorce.

Kaye tells women to get their pens ready so they can make checkmarks next to the statements shared by the other women in the book revealing the comments their husbands have said to them. After counting how many similar statements they check off in the book, they will know the truth.

ISBN-10: 1771430931


ManReaders: A Woman's Guide to Dysfunctional Men

MANREADERS — A Woman's Guide to Dysfunctional Men, is a self-help book for women who are contemplating a new relationship or currently living in a destructive one. Bonnie focuses on the millions of unsavory men consciously searching for women who are caring, giving, and nurturing. She talks about a variety of their dysfunctional problems including sexual, emotional, and mental ones and how to uncover them sooner than later. Bonnie shares details of her own personal life-time battle against Low Self Esteem and how she fell into toxic relationships because of it. She also teaches you how to do your own "Man Reading" before getting too involved with men who are losers and failures in relationships.

ISBN-10: 0595379613


Straight Wives, Shattered Lives, Volume 2

NEW! Straight Wives, Shattered Lives, vol. 2

Straight Wives: Shattered Lives Volume 2 explores the lives of 22 women who are part of Kaye’s support group from the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. Their heartbreaking stories tell about their marriages to gay/bisexual husbands and the debilitating effects that resulted when they learned the truth about why their marriages were failing. These stories tell how these women’s lives were shattered through unknowingly marrying a gay man and how they are finding the strength to make themselves whole again after this experience. This is a new compilation of stories released in 2011. The original Straight Wives: Shattered Lives was released in 2006.

ISBN-10: 1926918835


Over the Cliff

NEW! Over the Cliff: Gay Husbands of Straight Wives

Over the Cliff: Gay Husbands in Straight Marriages is a self-help book for men who need to come out in their marriages but need guidance on how to do it. Millions of men in our country find themselves in marriages to straight women while they are leading double lives.

This book is also a valuable read for straight wives to explain why their husbands married them and to help them understand why their marriages failed. Through the stories of the gay husbands, women will understand that they are in no way responsible for their husband’s homosexuality or the deterioration of the marriage. So many questions that have never been answered before are addressed here through the honesty and candidness of the men in the interviews. For those wives who are unsure or stuck in their own denial, this book will serve as the eye-opener they need to accept the situation in order to move on in their lives.

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The Gay Husband Checklist for Women Who Wonder

The Gay Husband Checklist for Women Who Wonder

The Gay Husband Checklist for Women Who Wonder is Bonnie's first book, republished from the 1999 version. In this book, she discusses her own personal story, gives easy to understand checklists of what to look for in a gay husband as well as a checklist of the prototype of woman that gay men seek out as wives, explores the "myth" of Bisexuality, and talks about some of the hard-hitting issues facing straight wives following their suspicions or discovery of their husbands' Homosexuality. This is a great starter book for women who are just learning the truth about their reality.

ISBN 978-0-9810246-2-2

La Lista de Control para Esposos Gay

La Lista de Control para Esposos Gay

La Lista de Control para Esposos Gay Y Para Mujeres Que se Preguntan es la versión puesta al día revisada de Bonnie Kaye de su primer libro “¿Es Él Recto? Una lista de comprobación para las mujeres que se preguntan.” El libro ofrece una perspectiva clara, sucinta en el asunto de las uniones rectas/gays basadas en la propia experiencia de Kaye, más 25 años de aconsejar mas de 35,000 mujeres en los Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo.

Éste es el único libro de su clase que contenga las listas de comprobación fáciles de utilizar que contornean y revelan las muestras y los rasgos indicadores de la personalidad de maridos potencialmente gays así como una lista de comprobación para el prototipo de mujeres que eligen conscientemente como esposas.

Este libro ayudará a mujeres a trabajar con la agitación emocional que hacen frente a cuando sospechan o aprenden sobre estas noticias.

IISBN-13: 978-1926585888

Doomed Grooms

Doomed Grooms: Gay Husbands of Straight Wives

Doomed Grooms: Gay Husbands of Straight Wives is Bonnie's second book. In this book Bonnie explains how these marriages directly affect a woman's sense of self and sexual esteem, the effect of the Internet luring men into the world of homosexuality, the controversy of changing a husband's sexuality, the mourning stages after a marriage is over, and why staying in these marriages is self-destructive for the spouse and the children. Doomed Grooms also contains interviews with members of Kaye's online support group from different parts of the world, as well as interviews with two of Kaye's gay male peer counselors who help gay husbands come out to their wives. She also shares heart-felt letters from both straight wives and gay husbands to show the emotional impact felt on both sides.

ISBN-13: 978-1771430210 | Purchase Paperback or E-Book

Straight Wives

Straight Wives: Shattered Lives

Straight Wives: Shattered Lives is a compilation of 27 stories from members of Bonnie Kaye's international support group. These women tell their personal stories about the emotional impact of being married to a gay man in order to help millions of other women living with or leaving their straight/gay marriages with advice on how to move on. Women who don't understand how these "mis-marriages" (mistaken marriages) happen will learn from others about the dynamics of these relationships.

ISBN-10: 1605855677

How I Made My Husband Gay

How I Made My Husband Gay: Myths About Straight Wives

How I Made My Husband Gay is a self-help book for women who learn or suspect that they may be married to a gay/bisexual man. This book helps women by revealing the signs and patterns in their marriages that could be "Red Flags." There are 35 stories from members of Bonnie Kaye's international support group who talk about those signs they initially missed, as well as how they were blamed by their gay husbands for the failures in their marriages. Kaye also has her women discuss ways that they "caught" their husbands, as well as how they started over after ending the marriage which she refers to as a "mis-marriage" or a mistaken marriage.

ISBN-10: 0978438841

Straigth Talk

Bonnie Kaye's Straight Talk:
A collection of Her Best Newsletters About Gay Husbands

Bonnie Kaye's Straight Talk is a collection of the best of her monthly newsletters from 2001 - 2008. These are the newsletters that her support network members call their "lifeline" when unraveling the complexities of their marriages to their gay husbands.

In Bonnie's own words, "This is the best survival guide for women who suspect or find out that their husbands are homosexual. These newsletters were written from my heart about my own life experiences as well as those of some of my support network members. I clearly explain how and why your husbands are gay, as well as provide good advice on how to handle those difficult situations such as rebuilding your sexual esteem and self-esteem. After reading this book, you will understand how to make the only rational choice to survive emotionally after this happens to you. It will help you identify with the millions of other women in this situation who can identify and feel every raw emotion you are going through now, as well as understand the challenges you face in the years ahead of healing and starting over." Kaye has written four other books to address this topic, but she believes that this collection of her newsletters is "The best of my best!"

ISBN-10: 0978438841